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We believe Tribe is a preventative mission, harnessing the power of the arts, outdoor learning, collaboration and self expression with the aim to reduce the number of young people within the community finding themselves isolated or struggling with their mental health.

The world has become more polarised, with extreme contrasts across politics, finance, lifestyles and exclusionary attitudes. We believe this has encouraged more black and white (dichotomous) thinking - success/failure, winning/losing, all/nothing, accelerated by the perfectionism being cultivated through social media channels. 

We also believe that the loss of the “in between” has an impact on our ability to be resilient.

A lack of resilience affects human ability to manage stress, which in turn puts us at risk of mental health conditions and isolation. It can also affect our ability to connect with others, which changes a personal challenge into a complex social issue that can damage communities, collaboration and the capacity to embrace diversity.

Tribe aims to give young people the tools they need to be more resilient adults by:

  • Creating permissive spaces that allow the broadest range of ideas to be shared and explored.

  • Inviting young people to find measures of their value beyond the black and white, utilising imaginative tools and cross artform projects.

  • Supporting young people and families to build meaningful connections, utilising shared values of being human, as well as our intrinsic connection to the natural world.


Using creative and physical games, child-friendly mindfulness and skill-building in music, movement, acting, storytelling, visual art, poetry, active listening and teamwork we learn what makes us tick, how to collaborate and how to celebrate our similarities AND our differences without fear or judgement. Young people surprise and challenge themselves, support and lead each other and their audiences, and ultimately grow in the way they express and hold themselves in the world.


We believe that by giving young people a space to understand the way emotions are processed both mentally and physically helps us to unlock our patterns of behaviour, build emotional resilience and share our experiences. 

Kate and Yas are experienced facilitators who love to work with human brains. What makes us want to stomp and rant?! What does joy feel like? What does it really mean to be brave? Is the word ‘failure’ even useful?

 By doing this in a natural setting, young people maintain a sense of perspective in the context of a much bigger natural ecosystem, and can develop grounded relationships away from the social pressures and competitive systems they might see elsewhere.

This will ultimately improve our mental health and the ways we can support each other, as well as making innovative and thought provoking art.

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